Media Kit

Talking Media Group (TMG) is a media, events and advisory company helping content creators, media and technology companies, advertisers and investors understand emerging platforms that monetize and manage digital media. TMG employs a global roster of industry analysts and comprehensive data and information resources to provide insight into emerging opportunities and solutions in digital media.

For content creators

Disruptive media and technology platforms continue to add complexity for companies that produce content such as music, video, books, news and images. Selecting and managing digital distribution partners is risky and time consuming, requiring resources from business development, legal and finance and operations. TMG helps content creators identify, evaluate and monitor their digital partners to minimize time to market and maximize returns.

For digital media and technology companies

Digital media and technology companies are continually developing unique business models, applications and devices to reach an ever-expanding user base. Their key challenge is to establish credibility with their key constituents so they can secure content licenses as the raw materials of their business. TMG helps digital media and technology companies position themselves relative to their competition and gain exposure in a crowded marketplace.

For advertisers and marketers

Brands and agencies now have new platforms to reach consumers, but executing in a quickly evolving marketplace will require innovative approaches. TMG helps advertisers identify emerging opportunities to leverage digital media and technology platforms to optimize their media mix.

For investors

Promising digital media and technology companies are always in need of capital. TMG helps investors 1) to identify new opportunities and 2) to support their due diligence efforts, and 3) to provide updated intelligence on portfolio.

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